Arizona’s Senate contest is won by Democrats.



As a result of a predicted victory in Arizona in the midterm elections, US President Joe Biden’s Democrats have gotten one step closer to maintaining Senate control.

According to CBS, the BBC’s US partner, Democrat Mark Kelly defeated Republican candidate Blake Masters three days after the election.

The Senate would then consist of 49 Democrats and 49 Republicans.

Only Nevada and Georgia are still up for debate.

While Georgia’s contest will be decided by a run-off election next month, the vote count in Nevada is close.


Republicans could still take control of the US House of Representatives as votes continue to be tallied from a handful of districts after Tuesday’s elections.

If the Republicans win either or both chambers of Congress they could thwart much of Mr Biden’s agenda.

If Democrats win either of the two remaining races they will remain in control of the upper chamber of Congress because the US vice-president can cast a tie-breaking vote on their behalf.

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