Bruce Lehrmann: Due to misconduct,the rape trial in the Australian parliament was dismissed.



Due to “misconduct” by the jury, the case against a former political adviser accused of raping a fellow employee inside Australia’s Parliament House has been dismissed.

After a night out in March 2019, Brittany Higgins was allegedly sexually assaulted on the sofa of a government minister by Bruce Lehrmann, 27.

He claims they had no sexual activity at all.

But after a 12-day trial and five days of discussion, it was discovered that one juror had looked at scholarly research on sexual assault, leading to the jury’s discharge.

Only the evidence provided in court must be considered by juries when making decisions.

BCC News report that, It may be that no harm has been done, but that is not a risk I can take,” Chief Justice Lucy McCallum told a Canberra court.

Judge McCallum estimated she had given the jury at least 17 and “possibly considerably more” warnings about undertaking research of their own.

The academic paper was discovered by a court official after it was knocked off a table during “routine tidying” of the jury room.

Before giving her account to police in early 2021, Ms Higgins gave up her right to anonymity and went public with her claims in high-profile newspaper and television interviews.

Her allegations were a catalyst for what’s been called Australia’s ‘Me Too moment’ – prompting nationwide protests and discussion about the safety of women, and exposing a toxic workplace culture inside Australian politics.

The trial heard that Mr Lehrmann and Ms Higgins worked in the same office – for then-Defence Industry Minister Linda Reynolds. On 22 March 2019 they both had drinks with colleagues and others.

Ms Higgins said she was the most intoxicated she’d been in her life, after spending hours at two Canberra bars, before the pair shared a cab to Parliament House, the jury was told.

In a police interview played to the jury, Ms Higgins said she’d fallen asleep in Minister Reynolds’ office before waking to find Mr Lehrmann having sex with her.

She told police she was crying. “I told him no – I told him to stop,” she said.

Mr Lehrmann chose not to give evidence, but in a police interview that was played to the court said what was alleged “simply didn’t happen”.

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