China Covid: The protests are a major problem for China’s government.



The protests are a major problem for China’s government, according to China Covid.
Dissenting actions are common in China.

Over the years, a variety of causes, such as toxic contamination, unlawful land grabs, or the treatment of a community member by the police, have led to abrupt, local eruptions of disobedience.

But things are different this time.

One topic dominates the minds of Chinese citizens, and many are growing weary of it, which has led to broad opposition to the government’s zero-Covid regulations.

Residents breaking down social segregation-enforcing barriers and now sizable street protests on college campuses across the nation are examples of this.

Acts of dissent are not unusual in China.

Over the years, sudden, local explosions of defiance have been triggered by a range of issues – from toxic pollution to illegal land grabs, or the mistreatment of a community member at the hands of the police.

There is one subject at the forefront of Chinese people’s minds, and many are increasingly fed up with it – prompting widespread pushback against the government’s zero-Covid restrictions.

This has come in the form of residents smashing down barriers designed to enforce social distancing, and now large street protests in cities and university campuses across the country.

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