Damson Idris And Lori Harvey Are Dating –



There is a hot new couple you need to know about – Lori Harvey and Damson Idris have seemingly confirmed their relationship in a new Instagram post.

Earlier today (13th January) 31-year-old British actor Damson shared a picture of himself with Lori on his Instagram story to celebrate her 26th birthday.

In the picture Damson is seen kissing her on the cheek and captioned it “Happy Birthday Nunu ❤️.” He already has a nickname for her? We’re obsessed.

And it appears the internet is too, as many fans on Twitter were shocked but super happy for the new couple, with many tweeting their reactions.

One person joked that they “Just fell to my knees at Southwark station” upon seeing the picture of Lori and Damson.

Another said: “Almost passed out on the way to pilates class. I need Lori’s rizz like yesterday.”

One person echoed what we were all feeling when they said: “In my next life I wanna be Lori Harvey” and another simply said: “I wanna cry, Damson & Lori so CUTE.”

Lori was previously in a year long relationship with Michael B. Jordan, before the pair broke up in June last year.

Damson’s very cute Instagram post comes after he and Lori were spotted together on a dinner date in Los Angeles in December last year.

They were later seen that evening attending a friend’s birthday party and walking out of the party at the same time.

Following their date, Damson shared Lori’s recent Essence magazine cover on his Instagram story with a number of � emojis. This lead many fans to think something was going on between the two. And it appears they were right.

So far Lori hasn’t shared any images with Damson on her Instagram account, but hopefully we’ll get another cute pic soon. Fingers crossed.

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