Devious’ murderer, who beheaded a friend, shall serve 34 years in prison.



A woman who killed and severed the head of her friend, placed the body in a bag, and dumped it has been given a life sentence.

Jemma Mitchell will spend at least 34 years in prison for killing Mee Kuen Chong, 67, in June 2021 at her London home.

According to the judge, aggravating elements included the fact that Ms. Chong was killed for financial gain and how she handled her body.

He said, “I am pushed to the conclusion that you are quite cunning.

Judge Richard Marks KC delivered the 38-year-sentence old’s at the Old Bailey on Friday, and it was aired.

Mitchell became the first murderer and the first woman to be sentenced on television in England and Wales, after rules were changed to allow cameras into courtrooms.

There is the chilling aspect of what you did to and with her body after you killed her,” the judge said.

You have shown absolutely no remorse and it appears you are in complete denial as to what you did, notwithstanding what in my judgment amounted to overwhelming evidence against you.”

Ms Chong’s body had been found in woodland in Salcombe by a holidaymaker, and her head was discovered nearby a few days later.

The pathologist who carried out a post-mortem examination on Ms Chong was unable to ascertain the cause of death because of the level of decomposition, but could determine a fracture to her skull.

The injury was likely to have been caused by being hit with a weapon and Ms Chong’s ribs probably broke when Mitchell put her into a suitcase, the court previously heard.

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