Ebola infects six members of the same Ugandan family.

Authorities in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, report that six children from the same family have been infected with Ebola.

Stronger action has been demanded by doctors for weeks in order to stop the virus from spreading to Kampala.

In densely populated places, viruses can spread more quickly, and there is currently no vaccination for this particular strain of Ebola, known as the Sudan strain.

The districts of Mubende and Kassanda, which are the epicentre of this disease, were quarantined earlier this month.

Reports heard it that, Health officials confirm that the six siblings contracted the disease after a relative moved in from one of the worst-affected areas of the nation. They later passed away.

30 deaths and 109 cases have been reported by Uganda’s health ministry since the outbreak started in September. 15 of those fatalities occurred in Kampala as of Monday.

Some worry that Yoweri Museveni, president of Uganda, reacted too slowly to early health professionals’ concerns about viral hemorrhagic fever.

Jane Ruth Aceng, the health minister, said she is growing more concerned about the virus spreading in cities, where people move around a lot.

To safeguard their identity, the six siblings who tested positive with Ebola in the capital have not been given names or ages. However, we are aware that the schools these kids attend are still open.

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