Girl, 7, and five other people injured in the Euston shooting near a church.







A seven-year-old girl was shot near a church in the heart of London and is now in critical condition.

At 13:31 GMT, police were called in response to allegations that bullets had been fired from a moving vehicle during a memorial service at St. Aloysius Church in Euston.

According to the Met Police, four ladies, aged 21, 41, 48, and 54, as well as another girl, 12, were also hurt.

While the health of the 21-year-old is not life-threatening, that of the 48-year-old may have injuries that change their lives.

The 12-year-old girl was treated for a minor leg injury, and the two other women’s conditions were not life-threatening, according to the police.

In a statement, the force said an “urgent investigation” was under way and details of the incident were “still emerging”.

“At this early stage, there have been no arrests,” it said.

London Ambulance Service and an air ambulance were also called to the scene.

Detectives have urged anyone with video footage or CCTV to contact the force.

Transport for London (TfL) said road closures were in place while police investigate at the scene and some buses are on diversion.

It’s reported that, Supt Ed Wells said any shooting incident was “unacceptable, but for multiple people, including two children, to be injured in a shooting in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is shocking”.

“Our thoughts are with all the victims, but in particular with the seven-year-old girl.

“An investigation into this dreadful attack is already well under way.

“I can assure the communities of Camden and beyond that we will do everything we possibly can to identify and bring to justice those who were responsible.”

He added that there would be “an increased visible police presence in the area through the weekend and into the days ahead.

A resident on an estate near the church, who did not want to give her name, said: “I heard the gunshots.

“I was having a quiet day on my balcony and I heard this almighty bang and I thought this was not normal, and the next minute everyone was screaming and shouting.

“Neighbours came in and said there has been a shooting. What a terrible thing.”

Father Jeremy Trood conducted the remembrance service at St Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, just before the shooting unfolded.

He confirmed the service was held for Sara Sanchez, 20, and her mother, who both died within a month of each other in November.

Father Trood said: “I was inside the church. I heard the bang and people ran back into the church. They knew something had happened outside.

“They were very scared, people sheltered in the church until the police said they can leave but some of them were so scared they had to wait a while to get their confidence back up to go outside. “

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