Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood considers the impact of MeToo as a new trial gets underway




The latest sexual assault trial for infamous former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has started with opening statements.

Weinstein, who has significantly lost weight and is apparently in poor condition, has returned to Los Angeles and is being held in a jail while he awaits trial for rape and sexual assault.

Following Weinstein’s conviction in New York for further sex offenses—though that case is now appealing—this court case was brought.

He claims he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual activity.

Reports had it that, Eight women who claim that Weinstein assaulted them will testify, according to deputy district attorney Paul Thomson, who informed the court on Monday.

According to CNN news, He quoted Weinstein’s accusers, saying one had recalled of the alleged assault: “Part of me was thinking I should just make a run for it, but he’s a big guy. 

Another alleged victim had said: “I was scared that if I didn’t play nice something could happen in the room or out of the room because of his power in the industry,” the prosecutor told the court.

The Los Angeles trial is causing many in Hollywood to look back at the #MeToo movement and assess its success.

CNN reports that, A recent study by the advocacy group WIF (Women in Film, Los Angeles) showed that while 83% of respondents felt that progress has been made since 2017, a staggering 69% said they had personally experienced abuse or misconduct at work since the movement began.

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