How to download Twitter videos on Android phones & laptop



One of the most popular social networking sites is Twitter. Twitter is constantly starting a new chain of ideas, some progressive and some controversial.

It serves as a platform for Elon Musk to announce his bizarre and impulsive ideas, a community for cryptocurrency, and a place for getting your voice heard.

Twitter users share a variety of content. Additionally, if a video has touched a nerve with you as a user, you might want to share it with others!

Although it’s possible that not all of your close friends or relatives use Twitter. you can download Twitter videos for them as a result.

The ability to download a video and quickly distribute it is a fantastic alternative in that situation. Unfortunately, users cannot download any video content from Twitter.

Screen recording is an option. But, it has its own limitations. What if we tell you there’s still a way to download Twitter videos easily!

Here in this article, we’ll explain to you  how you can download that twitter videos on your Android phone and laptop.

Download to a desktop or laptop

Today, there is a tool or an app for anything! We can recommend a great programme for you if you’re wondering how to download Twitter videos to your PC.

Twitter Video Downloader, Save Tweet Vid

The two web apps mentioned above make downloading incredibly simple. You may effortlessly download Twitter videos and GIFs on both your PC and phone with the aid of these web applications.

How do these websites function?

For perspective, Twitter videos can’t be simply downloaded from the app because they are integrated in the message. These websites take the tweet’s video links and provide a way for you to store them to your devices.

Steps involved

  • Open your Twitter account and look for the video you want to download to your device.
  • Now you need to get the link of the tweet which contains the particular video.
    You can get the link or URL by clicking on the tweet and copying it from the address bar of the web browser.
    Or you can click on the 3-dot menu below the video and then click on ‘copy link to tweet’. Post that, do a right click on the URL and copy the address.
  • After copying the URL, go to either Twitter Video Downloader or Save Tweet Vid platform and paste the URL here.
    There will be an address bar right on top and front in these web applications.
  • Now click on ‘download’ button present at the bottom of the screen.
Download  video to your Android phone from Twitter

There is an additional mobile app you can use if you want to download Twitter videos to your Android phone.

The Download Twitter Videos – Twitter video downloader has received a 4.5 rating and has been downloaded more than one billion times.

The steps are: 
  • Access the tweet that contains the video you want to download by going there.
  • You must now copy the URL or link to that specific tweet by clicking the share button.
  • Open the Download Twitter Videos mobile app after that.
  • You’ll see a space where you can paste the URL or link. the link there and paste it.
  • Click the download button now.
  • The download link will finish in due course.


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