How to fix iphone battery issue draining too fast



Iphone is one of the sophisticated smartphones in the World which comes with a lot of amazing features. 
However, having an iphone might be frustrating if there’s no stable power supply and  a power bank  to charge the phone regularly. 
Smartphone owners anticipate being able touse their devices for an average day without needing to find a
 charging station. 
However, iPhone customers have
complained about their smartphones’ 
batteries dying considerably sooner than
 they should. 
The issue has started to affect many
Android smartphone owners. 
Therefore, there are few simple techniques you may use to extend the battery life of 
your smartphone.

In this article, we will  explain to you the few steps on how to fix iphone battery draining too fast.


  • Smart phone charging
When the battery level on our smartphones
 is low and we don’t want them to shut off, most of us have habit of plugging them in to charge.
To save time in the morning, some of us
leave the phone on charge at night. 
But make sure to fully charge and then
 unplug your iPhone. 
iPhone may take a toll on its battery life in the long run.
Try charging the device when the battery is half or lesser if you have a charging point nearby.
Also, don’t charge your iPhone 100 per cent in a go. Instead, leave some space in the battery
  • Low power mode

Enabling low power mode will help you get more out of your iPhone when its battery percentage is below 20 per cent.

You can turn it on by going into the settings, tapping on the battery option, and then toggle then press the toggle button alongside the ‘Low Power Mode’ option.

This option disables Mail from downloading content in the background. Features like iCloud sync, Airdrop will be disabled too alongside minimised system animations to conserve battery.


  • Screen brightness and wi-fi

In order to extend the battery life, you can turn on auto-brightness which will adapt to the environment and increase or decrease the brightness accordingly.

You can do it by going into Settings, then General followed by Accessibility where you will find the option of turning on auto-brightness.

Also, try to use wif-fi most of the time for data consumption instead of your cellular network as it consumes less battery.


I hope these few tips help.

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