How to fix Laptop Continuous beeping at startup


How to stop a laptop from beeping continuously upon launch

Are you concerned about locating a fix for the issues causing the laptop to continuously beep at startup?

Don’t worry; this article will walk you through the steps necessary to resolve the laptop beeping issue.

A long, continuous beep typically indicates the presence of a hardware issue with memory, which can prevent your computer from booting up at all.

If your computer won’t turn on properly, you’ll need to have a look at the laptop’s internal hardware.

In the best-case situation, a laptop can reset itself and resume its usual operations; in the worst-case scenario, your computer may be having a significant hardware issue that would necessitate repair or replacement.

You no longer need to be concerned about this issue. Because this article will undoubtedly provide a solution to the issue of the constant beeping.

Your laptop’s internal hardware shorted out, causing this issue. And a shorting keyboard has been discovered in the majority of laptops.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for fixing keyboard shorts.

Step 1: First, we need to remove the keyboard, to find out if it is a keyboard problem or not.

Step 2: To open a laptop keyboard you need a four-head screwdriver and an opening pry tool.

Step 3: Now first remove the battery out of the laptop, and here you can see a symbol of a keyboard, RAM, Hard Drive, DVD Drive that indicates that the screws for the specific hardware inside the access do


Step 4: Open your access door using your four head screwdriver, and unplug it using a pry tool

Step 5: Here is our Keyboard screw indicating inside this hole. Just open it. There are two more keyboard screw in this laptop.

Step 6: Open all three screws.

Step 7: Now come to the front part of your laptop

Step 8: Try to unplug the keyboard using the pry tool. Slide all the Clips which is blocking the keyboard

Step 9: After unplugging the keyboard it will still be connected with the motherboard

Step 10: Using the pry tool, slide the clip and remove the keyboard cable carefully.

Step 11: After plugging the battery, check the current status of your laptop.

Booting Normally

Step 12: Press the power button, you can see that your laptop is booting normally and there is no beeping sound and even it is not stuck at any booting screen.

Step 13: So, Now its time to shut down.

Step 14: Then just reconnect your keyboard to confirm if the keyboard is responsible for this problem.

Step 15: If you are still able to listen to the beeping sound, then yes it’s time to order a new keyboard.

Step 16: And the old Keyboard is useless. It is not repairable

Step 17: Just install the new Keyboard.

Step 18: Plug the keyboard with your motherboard like this.

Step 19: Then push the keyboard from the top to lock it with clips. Now your laptop will work fine with the new laptop.


I hope this article solve your laptop issue.

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