I Regret Spending My Money Lavishly- Bella Shmurda




Abiola Akinbiyi, a Nigerian artist better known by his stage name Bella Shmurda, has lamented the extravagant lifestyle he led in the beginning of his career

The musician revealed this when discussing how he made poor financial choices as soon as he became famous in a recent interview.

The musician claims that he once shared a house with ten or so of his buddies, all of whom were financially reliant on him and occasionally brought home their girlfriends.

When he had to buy himself an automobile, he said that he also had to buy two more for his pals.

I used to have money, i rushed things. I buy things, i later did not need. I use to live with 10boys, and they will carry woman too. At this point, as i am getting new money, i have to think. There was a time, i wanted to buy a car, i bought like three once, because if i want to go out, i would want my boys to go out with me. Me, that came from nothing,” he said.

The singer expressed regrets on lavish lifestyle, promising himself to make better financial decisions.

Speaking about other top artists in the industry, Bella Shmurda said that it was dangerous to imitate the lifestyle of any singer as they are bound to spend based on their earning power.

He, however, spoke about turning a new leaf with his future income while promising to leave behind the days of spending on unwarranted lives.

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