Lagos set to demolish Agege buildings in viral flood video




Lagos State Government has commenced moves to demolish all buildings in a viral flood video on social media at Oko Oba, Agege area of the state, saying all the affected structures are on a drainage channel alignment.




Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, however,

disclaimed the narrative on the content of the viral flood video.


Reacting to the misleading video, on Wednesday, Bello, maintained that contrary to impressions being created, the area which is behind Abimbola Awoniyi Estate by Agric Road, Oko Oba, Agege has always experienced flash flood.



He added that pictures taken two hours after the rain (attached) showed the culpability of the property owners who have limited the capacity of the Oko Oba channel by infringing on its setback.


Bello added that pictures also showed the extent to which the setback has been turned into a refuse dump by the residents as well as new constructions.


He stated that “the infringed Oko Oba channel will be expanded by 8 meters with observance of 5 meters right of way on both sides.


“All the owners of the structures to be affected will be served with appropriate contravention notices after which the structures will be removed.”


Bello therefore, warned all those fond of circulating misleading videos especially during rainfalls to desist “as such will continue to be repudiated with hard facts.”



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