Moment APC Women Leader Jumoke Okoya-thomas Turns Arise TV Interview To Comedy


Seems APC will soon stop going on Arise TV. They are being squeezed there and their lies bursted .


Rufai Oseni and Abati Squeezed this apc women leader Jumoke to the extent she confessed that Tinubu is sick.

They really rattled her and made her look stupid


how is mortality rate related to dollar rate? I am lost here



“He has never spent more than two weeks outside,” Okoya-Thomas said.


CLAIM: Tinubu has never been away from Nigeria for a period longer than two weeks.


“I am a women leader,” Okoya-Thomas responded when she was asked about her principal’s present location. She then went on to say, “In 48 hours, he will show up. He has never spent more than two weeks outside.”


VERIFICATION: To verify Okoya-Thomas’ claims, and news reports of his recent trips to foreign countries.


We found that on October 8, 2021, Tinubu returned from London after spending three months there.



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