Near Duzce, a powerful earthquake shakes western Turkey.




Near the town of Duzce, which is located in western Turkey and is roughly 210 kilometres (130 miles) east of Istanbul, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has recently occurred.

Strong enough for Istanbul and the capital Ankara to experience the earthquakes. According to officials, at least 50 people were hurt.

The depth of the earthquake is estimated to range from 2 km to 10 km.

In the area, power was disrupted, and a homeowner who jumped from their balcony was hurt.

After the initial quake, a second 4.7 quake was registered.

According to Suleyman Soylu, the interior minister of Turkey, “only some barns were demolished in these regions,” and the earthquake did not do any significant damage.

The government is attempting to restore power to

Authorities are working to restore power to the area.

Turkey’s disaster agency said 37 had been injured in Duzce, one in Istanbul, six in Zonguldak and one in Sakarya on the Black Sea coast, and one in Bolu, to the southeast.

Photos from Duzce at night show many people huddled outdoors, wrapped in blankets and using makeshift fires to keep warm.

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