Nigerian Youths Warned: Don’t Let Politicians Use You

In advance of the 2023 election, Ifedayo Akindoju, president of the Abuja Country Club, has issued a stern warning to the youth of Nigeria.

Akindoju cautioned the young people against acting as thugs for politicians who wanted to stir up trouble during the elections.

Speaking at a public event in Abuja to commemorate Nigeria’s 62nd anniversary of independence, he issued this warning.

Akindoju, who also serves as the president of the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation, declared that at the age of 62, Nigerians should rejoice in their country’s overall togetherness.

He reiterated that there is no need for death and bloodshed during the general elections, adding that the only way for there to be a credible election in Nigeria is for the country’s citizens to choose peace over chaos.

He remarked, “62 years of intact cohabitation is not 62 days. We have faced difficulties as a nation, yet we are still moving ahead as a unit; this accomplishment ought to be celebrated by all of us”.

There  is no need for murder or other acts of violence during the general elections; all that should be prayed for is credible elections in 2023, which can only be accomplished if all Nigerians choose to live in peace”.

He asked everyone to pitch in to ensure the peaceful inauguration of people into office and the transparent conduct of elections.

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