Passing the university admission examinations is an Afghan female student who was hurt in a suicide assault.



An Afghan teen who suffered serious injuries in a suicide bombing in September excelled in her university admission examinations.

When the Kaaj education centre in Kabul was assaulted, Fatemeh Amiri, 17, suffered severe injuries to her jaw and ear in addition to losing an eye.

Numerous people, especially female students, were hurt and around 50 people were killed.

While recuperating from her injuries, Ms. Amiri resumed her studies and achieved a grade point average of over 85%.

She informed BBC News that she would be attending the University of Kabul to study computer science.

According to BBC News, students had been sitting a practice university exam when the bomber struck the tuition centre in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of the Afghan capital.

He was reported to have shot at the guards outside the education centre, entered a classroom and detonated a bomb.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that most of the victims were girls, who were seated in the front row, near the blast. A student who was injured told AFP that there were around 600 people in the room when the attack happened.

Ms Amiri spoke about its impact on her: “On the day of the exam, I was affected by the Kaaj attack – my eye was in pain, I couldn’t see the question papers properly.

She said losing her eye in the attack only made her stronger: “The tasks I was not able to do with both eyes, now I will do it with one eye.”

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