Police in Mathura, India, detain the woman’s parents after learning that she was found dead inside a bag



The parents of a young woman were detained by Indian police after they allegedly murdered her and dumped her body close to an expressway.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, close to Mathura, the woman’s body was discovered on Friday placed inside a red suitcase that had been wrapped in plastic.

Her mother Brajbala and father Nitesh Kumar Yadav have not yet made any public statements.

According to the authorities, a “honour killing” is being suspected in this case.

In India, there are frequent reports of honour killings, which are crimes perpetrated against those who are thought to be violating long-standing customs.

The victims are mainly young men and women who fall in love or marry against their families’ wishes outside of their caste or within their sub-caste


The victim, Aayushi Chaudhary, was studying at a private college in Delhi, where she lived with her family, police said.


In a detailed press release on Monday, police alleged that the 22-year-old’s father murdered her on 17 November after a fight over her marriage with a man from another caste.

They alleged that the parents packed the body in a suitcase and left it near the Yamuna expressway at night.


After the body was discovered a day later, a post-mortem was carried out which revealed injury marks on the woman’s head, face and other body parts, police alleged, adding that she died after being “shot twice in the chest”.


They have seized the father’s licensed gun and the car allegedly used in the crime.

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