Police Officer Stabbed to Death in Brussel



One police officer has been killed and another has been injured in a knife attack in Brussels.

The two officers were taken to hospital after they were attacked close to Brussels North railway station on Thursday evening.

Local media are reporting that the attacker also died at hospital after he was shot at the scene.

The attacker’s motive is unknown, but anti-terrorist officials say they have taken over the investigation.


“We took charge of the case because there is suspicion of a terrorist motive, which will be confirmed or disproved by the investigators,” spokesman Eric Van Duyse said.

The two police officers were on patrol in the area before being attacked.


Police say another patrol arrived at the scene and “neutralised” the attacker. He was shot in the legs and abdomen before being taken to hospital.


According to report,one local resident told the BBC they had heard “five or six shots” fired shortly after the attack, which occurred at around 19:15 (18:15 GMT).


“I was coming from work and I was on the phone with my dad and then I heard five or six gunshots,” the witness, named Kremel, said.


“My father asked me ‘what’s going on?’ I said it’s probably fireworks. He told me, ‘No, these are gunshots.’ He told me to check what’s going on. Then I turned my head and saw the crowd running up the street to see what’s going on. I parked the car to see what’s going on too. I saw the man dying on the ground, then I saw the blood and so on. I started to get scared.”



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