Radical Hindu leader Sudhir Suri was assassinated in Amritsar.



Sudhir Suri, a militant Hindu religious figure, was shot and killed in northwest India.The 58-year-old was killed on Friday while participating in a protest in Amritsar, the city that is home to the renowned Golden Temple, one of the holiest places in Sikhism.

Hindu Shiv Sena, a hardline religious organisation, claimed Mr. Suri as its head.

Following the murder, a local shop owner was detained, according to the authorities.

The suspect was being questioned, according to Punjab state’s director general of police, Gaurav Yadav.

Whomever is responsible and whoever planned the plot will be exposed, and those responsible for it will be arrested, he promised.

Sikhs in India and abroad have previously accused Mr Suri of making derogatory comments about their faith and community.

According to police, Mr Suri had been in Amritsar outside a local temple, to protest against the alleged desecration of Hindu deities.

BBCNews reported that, In recent years Amritsar has seen a spate of apparently religiously-motivated killings.

In September, a man was killed in public after being accused of chewing tobacco and being drunk near the Golden Temple.

Last year, a man was beaten to death after being suspected of trying to commit a sacrilegious act near the temple.

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