Recreational marijuana use will soon be legal in Germany.

Adult recreational cannabis use has been approved by Germany’s coalition government.

For personal use, one could own up to 30g (1oz). It would be sold in pharmacies and authorised stores.

The measure still needs to get through parliament and be approved by the European Commission. The initiative might become a law in 2024, according to health minister Karl Lauterbach.

Only Malta has legalised marijuana for recreational use in the EU.

While Dutch legislation allows the selling of small amounts of cannabis in “coffee shops,” it has not gone as far as the German plan.

According to reports, The German proposal would also permit adults to grow three cannabis plants at home.

The coalition government’s manifesto, released last year, foresaw the action. The alliance is led by the Social Democrats (SPD), with the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats as allies.

Cannabis for therapeutic purposes has been legalised in a number of nations. Cannabis use for recreational purposes is now legal in Canada and Uruguay.

In the US, cannabis is permitted for medical use in 37 states and Washington, DC. It is also authorised for recreational use in 19 states. That sums to much more than 40% of the US population.

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