Scholz requests that China pressure Russia to terminate its war in 2022.



During talks with President Xi Jinping in Beijing, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked China to utilise its clout with Russia to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

Mr. Scholz claimed that both nations had come to the conclusion that Russia’s nuclear threats were reckless and extremely hazardous.The invasion by Vladimir Putin has received no condemnation from the Chinese leadership.

However, he said that the world community should support efforts to resolve the problem amicably and reject the use or threat of nuclear weapons, according to Chinese news.

Concern over the trip has been expressed in Germany and other parts of Europe following the Chinese

Mr Scholz’s visit to China is both short, at just 11 hours, and controversial.

BBC News reported that, he’s the first Western leader to travel to Beijing since the global pandemic and the first to meet President Xi since he tightened his grip on power at the Communist Party National Congress last month.

The timing is seen as highly questionable by many in Europe – including members of Mr Scholz’s own government, who worry that his presence will serve to burnish the domestic reputation of an increasingly authoritarian Mr Xi.

But the German chancellor, like his predecessor Angela Merkel, argues that global problems can only be solved through co-operation with China. Meeting face to face, he said, facilitated discussion, even of issues over which both countries strongly disagree.

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