Ukraine Tightens its Lines by Utilizing Captured Russian Tanks

Ukraine Tightens its Lines by Utilizing Captured Russian Tanks

Ukraine Tightens its Lines by Utilizing Captured Russian Tanks

In the midst of a continuous counteroffensive, Ukraine is now using captured Russian tanks to secure its gains in the northeast, according to a Washington-based think group on Tuesday, as Kyiv threatened to advance further into Moscow-occupied territory.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, Russia claimed that Ukraine had been utilizing left-behind T-72 Russian tanks as it attempted to advance into the Russian-occupied Luhansk region.

According to the institute, “the early panic of the counteroffensive forced Russian troops to abandon higher-quality equipment in working shape, rather than the more damaged equipment left behind by Russian forces retrieving from Kyiv in April,” further demonstrating the severity of the Russian rout.

Ukraine began its counteroffensive earlier this month, seizing terrain near Kharkiv, its second-largest city. Videos and pictures showed Ukrainian troops reclaiming tanks, ammo, and other weapons Moscow had seemingly abandoned during an erratic withdrawal.

Ukrainian authorities discovered hundreds of graves close to the formerly-occupied city of Izium in the wake of the counter-offensive. Yevhenii Yenin, a deputy minister in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, stated on national television that bodies with “evidence of brutal death” were discovered after the dead were exhumed.”

They are many, according to Yenin. “These are males with chained hands, shattered jaws, and severed genitalia; they also have fractured ribs and damaged heads.

In addition, Russian personnel is also accused of torturing civilians in the occupied territories by stunning them with radiotelephones from the Soviet era, according to Ukrainian officials. Although Ukrainian officials discovered mass graves outside the city of Bucha after thwarting a Russian onslaught aimed at Kyiv at the beginning of the war, Russia has repeatedly denied mistreating or killing POWs.

A Ukrainian drive is still going on in the southern part of the nation. The institution said that Kyiv had destroyed munitions dumps, two command posts, and an electronic warfare system, citing the Ukrainian military.

The Russian barge that was crossing the Dnipro River near the Russian-occupied city of Nova Kakhovka with men and weapons on board was sunk, according to the southern military command of Ukraine. It provided no further information regarding the sinking of the barge in Ukraine’s Kherson region, which is held by Russia and has been the main target of Kyiv’s ongoing counteroffensive in the nation.

Additional developments

— It appears that hackers were aiming their attacks at the website of a well-known Russian mercenary group. On Tuesday morning, it was impossible to access the Wagner Group’s website. The website appeared to have been replaced with pictures of dead Russian soldiers, according to a snapshot provided late Monday by the IT Army of Ukraine, a group of hackers assisting Kyiv.

— According to the British military on Tuesday, Moscow has likely relocated its Kilo-class submarines from their base on the Crimean Peninsula to southern Russia because of concerns that long-range Ukrainian fire could hit them. The British Defense Ministry stated in a daily intelligence briefing that the submarines had “very likely” been transferred from a naval facility at Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula to Krasnodar Krai in mainland Russia.

The British stated that “this is quite likely because of the recent adjustment in the local security threat rating in light of increased Ukrainian long-range strike capacity.” The fleet’s major naval aviation airport and the fleet headquarters have both been assaulted in the past two months.



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