US man sentenced to life in prison for car-ramming attack in Waukesha trial.

A memorial for victims grew in the days after last year's attack



A memorial for victims grew in the days after last year’s attack


A Wisconsin judge has given a man life in prison for ploughing his car into a Christmas parade last year, which resulted in six deaths and 62 injuries.

Last month, a jury found Darrell Brooks guilty after the prosecution claimed he had displayed “utter disdain for human life.”

During sentencing, the court also heard moving testimony from a large number of survivors and victims’ families.

Throughout the four-week trial, Brooks represented himself and frequently interrupted the judge.

Judge Jennifer Dorow stated in Brooks’ sentence on Wednesday that she had chosen “a road of wickedness.”

Among the victims of the deadly attack were marching school band members and a dance troupe of Wisconsin grandmothers.

It’s reported that, those killed were Virginia Sorensen, 79; LeAnna Owen, 71; Tamara Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; Wilhelm Hospel, 81; and eight-year-old Jackson Sparks.

Sparks’ mother, Sheri Sparks, told the court during sentencing hearings that her son was “violently ripped” from her family’s life.


“Do you have any idea how gut wrenching it is to explain to your 12-year-old son that his little brother isn’t going to make it?” Ms Sparks said in her impact statement.

Survivors said the attack left them suffering from PTSD, recurring nightmares and lasting physical injuries.

Brooks, a native of nearby Milwaukee, had just had a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend when he drove through the parade.

He was convicted of 76 charges, including homicide, hit and run, bail jumping and battery.

In their testimony, families of victims expressed disdain for the perpetrator. Sean Sorenson, whose mother Virginia died in the attack, said the driver is “simply a repulsive man who has shown no remorse for his actions”.

Before his conviction, Brooks wept and told the jury he did not intentionally run over parade-goers, saying that his “conscience is clear”. He added during his sentencing that he has “repented and asked God for forgiveness”.

He initially pleaded not guilty on grounds of mental illness, but later withdrew the plea without explanation.


He chose to represent himself during the trial, and declared himself a so-called “sovereign citizen”

During the trial, the driver claimed not to recognise his own name, repeatedly heckled Judge Dorow and objected to prosecutors’ questions. He was also at one point seen rolling his eyes during victims’ testimony.

During Wednesday’s sentencing, the judge ordered him to be removed from the court after he refused to refrain from outbursts.



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