US teacher arrested for having ‘kill list’ of students, teachers she works with


Police officers in East Chicago, Indiana, USA have arrested a 25-year-old elementary teacher Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres for allegedly telling a student she had a ‘kill list’ that involved at least one student, herself and colleagues.


The law enforcement agents said they responded to a report of a threat at St. Stanislaus School, located at 4930 Indianapolis Boulevard in East Chicago, around 5 p.m. on Wednesday.


ABC News reports that when police arrived they spoke with the school’s principal and assistant principal.


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They said a fifth grader reportedly told their counsellor that Carrasquillo-Torres of Griffith, Indiana made comments to them about killing herself, students and staff.


Carrasquillo-Torres also allegedly told the student that she had a list, with that student at the bottom of the list.


Police said Carrasquillo-Torres was immediately escorted to the principal’s office to discuss the incident, where the teacher allegedly told the principal she said those things and had what she called a “kill list.”


The principal then told Carrasquillo-Torres to leave and not return to the school.


Police said they were not made aware of the situation until four hours after Carrasquillo-Torres was allowed to leave the school.


According to the report, the following day, the Criminal Investigations Division was able to get an emergency detention order for the fifth-grade teacher from the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office.


Detectives took Carrasquillo-Torres into custody without further incident on Thursday around 11:15 a.m. at her home in Griffith, Indiana.


Carrasquillo-Torres has been charged with intimidation in a threat to commit a forcible felony.



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