Vera’s Popular Socialite Husband Laments the Removal of His Wife’s Surgical Backside.


Vera Sidika, a well-known socialite, has used social media to encourage young girls to learn to love themselves after nearly losing her life after having unsuccessful plastic surgery.

The socialite who added a new age yesterday claimed that after having plastic surgery, she experienced health problems and needed surgery to repair the damage.

The event, according to Vera, taught her to value herself and never take anything for granted.

Vera committed to post recordings in honour of her husband and friends, encouraging anybody considering such a lifestyle to reconsider.

She posted pictures and said,

THE REBIRTH… Due to health risks & problems, this has been the hardest time in my life. I needed to get surgery. It’s still hard for me to believe, but I’ve accepted it and have learned to love myself anyhow.

“Ladies, please learn to love yourself and resist the pressure from others to do things that will later damage you. God loves me so much, and I’m blessed to be alive. Honestly Even though I didn’t celebrate my birthday this year, it’s been quite difficult, but here we are. I’m glad to be here today. New me. I now value life and never take anything for granted. I appreciate my family’s support, especially my husband.

“To my supporters: I am the same

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