Why Peter Obi Is Better Than Tinubu, Atiku, and Others in Politics 2023 – Ezekwesili

Although Obi has experience in politics, she claimed that he is a breath of fresh air compared to the other front-runners in the 2023 election.


Someone asks you, “Do you need somebody to tell you where you would be heading between a cast of possible presidents that includes the three frontrunners that we currently have — a possible President Tinubu, Atiku, and Obi?,” in the words of the candidate. An Obi would be it.

She continued by saying that despite the fact that Obi is a member of the country’s political establishment, he is still far ahead of the other front-runners for the 2023 election.

Despite coming from the political elite that she was referring to, she continued,

“He at least represents many more shapes than the other two leading contenders (Atiku and Tinubu).”

Then, Ezekwesili complimented the nation’s youth for their rekindled interest in the political events taking place there and hailed it as a positive development.

The renaissance, she continued, was sparked by the well-known #EndSARS demonstration in 2020.

“Sometimes, I just try to picture what leadership would look like in the nation if they would just listen to the youth,” she said.

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