Why You Should Not Marry An Illiterate’ — Sandra Iheuwa




Nigerian businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa, who is also the mother of blogger and music executive Ubi Franklin, has provided justifications for her recommendation against choosing an uneducated partner.

According to Rosyroyville, the businesswoman offered her opinion on the factors people should consider when selecting partners via her verified Instagram page.

The entrepreneur advised people to make sure they married a good partner rather than a useless or evil one.

According to Sandra Iheuwa, partnerships between educated individuals who have completed graduate-level coursework and someone with only a high school diploma would not last because of a clash of ideologies.

In whatever you do make sure you marry a kind partner not a useless & wicked one….this goes to both genders I forgot to add this one…..the one is very important.

Don’t marry an illiterate….just imagine having a masters degree and your partner is a high school dropout the level of thinking won’t be the same….you can’t have a meaningful intellectual conversation with this person…..it will never work,” she wrote.. 


Is that really true ?

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