Youtube Introduces New Features



A “minor makeover” that includes a few new features and design tweaks is being rolled out by YouTube to improve the experience of watching videos on the network.

The business announced in a blog post on Monday that it was introducing new tools in response to user and creator feedback on YouTube.

Users may notice the colour modifications meant to make watching movies easier on the eyes first.

An ambient mode will enable the app to change the background colour to match the video in addition to adding fresh, bright colours. Making colours stand out more on screen is the goal of an update to YouTube’s dark look.

A new tool will allow users to fast-forward or rewind to any precise point in a video, which could be helpful when watching a tutorial.

A pinch-to-zoom function that enables users to zoom in and out of a video on mobile devices while it is still playing as well as a few other improvements to the video player are further changes.

For instance, buttons will replace YouTube links in video descriptions, and sharing and downloading of films would be “structured to minimise distractions.” A new design and high contrast will help the subscribe button stand out more on channel and video sites, according to YouTube, although it will still no longer be red,” the company said

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